Worldwide procurement of pharmaceuticals

LOC Pharma represents an international connection of established suppliers for pharmaceutical and health products, offering original Rx- and OTC-medicines at attractive prices, as well as a broad range of medical devices and cosmetics. Certificate of Origin (COO) can also be provided according to the request of clients.
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Branded, Innovator and Generic Products for distribution purpose.

Comparator and Reference Listed Drugs (RLDs) for research purpose or clinical trials.

Niche Products for Named Patient Program or Compassionate Use.

global health

Our mission is to provide global health

LOC Pharma business is to improve the quality of life. There is no better way to do this than to supply world-class products at reasonable prices for all our customers.

We cooperate with clients and suppliers from:

Germany, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, UK, Australia, Canada, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Slovenia, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, France, Hungary, Norway, Denmark, Cyprus, Malta, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kosovo, India, Bangladesh, Montenegro, Albania, North Macedonia, New Zealand, Thailand, Estonia, Egypt, Mena etc..

Pharmaceutical Products at Competitive Prices 

We provide a wide range pharmaceutical, medical devices and cosmetics.
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We offer RX-and OTC-medicines from various therapeutic groups, e.g. cardiology, neurology, gastrology, allergology, moreover antibiotics and painkillers.

Medical devices

Medical devices

We offer the highest quality needles, cannulas, diagnostic products, woundcare dressings, ostomy and surgical products, e.g. hernia meshes, sutures, stents and more.


We provide well-known dermocosmetics, skincare and haircare products with a broad spectrum of professional cosmetics and products for aesthetic medicine.

We operate with the highest standards

Our first and foremost objective is to offer the best service to our clients. It is precisely because of this that we feel challenged to achieve top performance and we do our best – and success proves us right.


Innovative Competence

All strings of this spectrum meet at LOC. Innovative competence of its experienced employees ensures best order or delivery safety for each of our business partners.


Traditionally Reliable

State-of-the-art digital technology and traditionally reliable processing with tried and tested logistics providers ensure the most lucrative results.


Audited Business partners

All of our suppliers, wholesalers and manufactures are audited and licensed business partners. Annual inspections of our chosen suppliers are reviewed by us on site so that we can ensure long-term close relationships and a high degree of quality.


Control and Surveillance

Our operating premises are equipped with controls such as air conditioning facilities, calibrated data loggers for temperature and moisture measurement, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, alarm system and safety doors in order to ensure proper storage and safety of the products.



Our ERP-system permits documentation and tracking of every individual batch and packaging, which enables us to maintain a high level of customer service.


Highest Operating Standards

GDP, AEO and SOP are terms which constitute the focus of our operations. We strive to operate with the highest standards in order to provide the best service.  

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