Quality „Made in Europe“

All pharmaceutical and healthcare products are of the highest quality and imported from EU countries. Regular own inspections of our equipment secure cooled supply chains to our customers as well. Tried-and-tested logistics companies ensure reliable transport to (nearly) any desired place around the world.

Business partners

All of our suppliers, wholesalers and manufactures are audited and licensed business partners. Annual inspections of our chosen suppliers are reviewed by us on site so that we can ensure long-term close relationships and a high degree of quality.


Our ERP-system permits documentation and tracking of every individual batch and packaging, which enables us to maintain a high level of customer service.

We offer transparent and seamless control to our business partners at all times.

Operating premises

Our operating premises are equipped with controls such as air conditioning facilities, calibrated data loggers for temperature and moisture measurement, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, alarm system and safety doors in order to ensure proper storage and safety of the products. Business processes are controlled and monitored specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.